Do you hit the drive-thru on the way home?  Sometimes it's necessary between soccer practice and gymnastics class, or between classes at Boise State.  But overall, Idaho ranks pretty low on the list of states that love fast food.

Still, Idaho is probably THE most important state for the fast food industry.  Here's why.

Potatoes!   All those french fries don't just appear out of thin air.  They have to come from somewhere, and Idaho produces about 14.2 billion pounds of potatoes a year. That's about 4 billion spuds more than second place Washington.  So Idaho is essential to the fast food burger joints.

Idaho as a state ranks 28th on the list of states with the most chains and the biggest variety of fast food spots, according to Thrillist.  The states that support fast food the most are Texas, California, and Alabama.

But those states don't have this.  Idaho is home to the largest barrel-cheese factory. Barrel cheese is the basis for processed cheese like Velveeta; also vital to the fast food industry.  And lonely Saturday nights in front of Netflix.

What's the best fast food spot in the Treasure Valley?