Maybe you've got a full-time job, but you're looking to make extra money on the side.  Or you're a full-time mom who wants to make some cash at home between diaper changes and shuttling kids to gymnastics class.  It turns out, Boise is one of the top five spots in the country to make that happen.

There are millions of people across the country who freelance, and the top cities that are freelance friendly are:

Scottsdale, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

Austin, TX

Portland, OR

and Boise, ID.

Good for us!  Now what do we do with that?

Nerdwallet figured out that the job landscape is shifting overall, and a growing number of us are now independent contractors or self-employed, and have moved away from the traditional 9 to 5 office job with a fixed salary, benefits, and work schedule.  More companies are accepting help from freelancers, which creates opportunities for outsiders to write articles, contribute to specific projects and presentations, develop websites, and more.

I noticed that the top cities for freelancers are ones that are supportive of live music and budding actors.  We like the arts.  We're also healthy, bright, fit, and young, with lots of great outdoor recreation and kid-friendly events.  Young moms can strike a good balance of spending time with kids, and still find time to create websites and blogs, write articles, plan events, and freelance with the best of 'em.

If you're looking for inspiration about the best ways to freelance, Freshbooks has some good ideas, including several websites that are set up to connect freelancers with the right opportunities.  Extra cash may be right around the corner!