If you have a weak stomach or are squeamish, this story is going to push you to your limits.

Usually, when someone is trafficking, it's drugs, guns, maybe some black market toys, Playstation 5's, something along those lines. We've heard those stories before, so none of them are too shocking in this day in age. However, what happened in regards to this Idaho man is going to turn your stomach.

Yan Fong of Pocatello was sentenced to 100 days plus a bulbous fine of $25,000 (and court fees.) The charges? Trafficking. What was Mr. Fong illegally transporting?

Dead animals and dead animal parts. We're not joking.

Fong was picked up trying to traffic numerous four black bears, three mountain lions, two mule deer, seven bobcats, and one elk. Not enough? How about 11 black bear gallbladders, 24 black bear paws, and other parts of random carcuses.

The charges added up quick, including one felony count of unlawful sale of a game fish, bird, game animal or furbearing animal; and one felony count of unlawful possession, shipment or transport of a game fish, bird, game animal or furbearing animal.

Depending on where you sell them, black bear gallbladders can sell from anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each. Apparently, the bile contained within is suspected to have healing properties, and can also act as an aphrodisiac.

Look, if you're having trouble in the bedroom, buy some of those pills you see on TV during Jeopardy!. No need to slaughter some wild bears to get your groove on.

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