The days of playing the Powerball lottery in Idaho are over, after lawmakers decided this afternoon that it would be brought to an end following a 30-year run in the State of Idaho.

If you're wondering what happened--the fear of foreign participation by Idaho lawmakers is why the legislation that would have allowed its continuation was shot down. According to the Associated Press, Powerball planned to expand to Australia in 2021 and Britain in 2022.  According to the laws laid out in the State of Idaho, lotteries allowed in the State of Idaho must only be played in the United State of America or Canada. No word yet on if Idaho lawmakers will be questioning the legality of Vegemite.

You do still have time to participate as an Idahoan, however. The very last Powerball drawing that you can buy into here in Idaho will happen in August.  That's not to say that while you're in Oregon buying other fun items, you can't stop in at a gas station and pick your Powerball numbers, there.

Proceeds from the Idaho Lottery go towards Idaho's Public Schools-- a great cause. The amount that goes towards our schools from the Powerball is pretty significant-- how does $14 million per year sound?

Other lottery games like Mega Millions with big jackpot totals that many enjoy to play for will still be available in Idaho-- as far as we know. We do send our condolences to Powerball lovers, however.

To learn more about today's 10-4 decision, check out the Associated Press, HERE.

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