A brand new study shows Idaho is the least safe state to live in during the Covid-19 pandemic, but you might be surprised as to why...

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The entire country has been put through the ringer over the past year and a half and I suppose it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on, it's stressful. Whether you're actively taking steps to avoid catching the deadly virus or you think the whole things a hoax, one thing we can all agree on, is that it's been a stressful time for certain. Wallethub released a brand new study ranking Idaho 51st in Covid Safety, and the factors may or may not be surprising to you... The title of "safest state" goes to our friends in Connecticut, with a safety score of 92.44 out of 100. Here in Idaho, our score is just 5.34.

So what categories are dragging us down so far? Well, we have the third highest testing rate in the country which brings our score down quite a bit, We have the fifth highest hospitalization rate in regards to Covid-19, we're tied for the highest death rate which really hurts our score, and we're tied for having the highest transmission rate. Now obviously this date continues to evolve over time as this once in a lifetime pandemic persists, but this is certainly not good news for Idahoans. In fact, we've made quite a few national headlines over the past few months due to the uptick in cases and hospitalizations here. So much so, that we've ended up on late night comedy shows. Read more about that, and see video here.

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