It could end up being a good thing, but for the Idaho football team right, it probably feels a little like getting eliminated from American Idol.  "You know, you're good, but we had to pick someone to get the ax and you've gotta go."  Here's what's happening to the Idaho football team.  

Idaho is one of the teams that's getting the boot from the Sunbelt Conference after the 2017 season.  New Mexico is the other one. The conference presidents got together this week and decided to move forward with 10 teams instead of 12, and Idaho was one of the unlucky ones.

Or lucky ones?

Life deals lemons and you have to make lemonade.  There's a light at the end of the tunnel.  Look for the silver lining.  There's a rainbow after the storm.  Okay, I'll stop!

Whatever happens, it sounds like Idaho will take it's time with a decision on what's next. They could be an independent team, or they could get FCS conference membership, like the Big Sky Conference.

Meanwhile, nothing changes for Boise State and they're hanging steady in the Mountain West Conference.  Only six months til football season!