We can all learn a few lessons from our pets.

The awesome story of two Idaho Labs is going viral, and the reason why will make you reach for that tissue box right over there.

Kathy Dufur and her family were the proud owners of two beautiful Labrador Retriver pups, Stitch and Cookie. Stitch-the older of the two- was such a sweetheart, letting Cookie eat from their bowl first. Well cookie-equally as sweet- wouldn't eat it all..leaving behind half so that Stitch can have a fair share.

Unfortunately, Stitch passed away. Cookie, however, doesn't want to accept it; still continuing to leave half of the food behind for her beloved friend.

OKAY, I CAN'T HANDLE THIS!!! I told you to grab the tissues!

Dufur's son shared the story on Twitter and the story has since gone viral.