In radio or television, you can never take anything back after you've said it. Announcers, reporters, and others have a zero-tolerance level for on-air mistakes. An announcer for a local college basketball team is learning that lesson the hard way. His comments during a game became national news and not in a good way.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that a basketball announcer for the College of Southern Idaho has been fired for calling the opposing team thugs. The quote was 'who are these thugs' happened during a game with Salt Lake Community College.


The College of Southern Idaho issued an apology through a release to Salt Lake Community College.  CSI said they do not condone what was said on the radio.  Both colleges have agreed to move on from the incident that has gained national attention.  In other news, Michigan Coach Juwan Howard is under fire for his behavior after a disappointing loss to Wisconsin over the weekend.  After the game, a brawl was started between both teams in reaction to Howard throwing a punch at a Wisconsin coach.  

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