Time management, it’s not my strongest trait on most days.  Being a mom of three boys and having a busy career I often wonder if I could add more time to my day.  I could get a lot more accomplished if there were 28 hours in day!  According to ABCNews.com, there’s a better time of day to do certain tasks that could help us accomplish more.

For instance, your body produces a stress hormone called cortisol in the morning.  It increases your blood sugar and therefore your energy.  It’s better to do more important and tedious tasks earlier in the day when your energy is at its highest.

Taking a walk in the afternoon can help boost your energy levels to help you finish out your day stronger.

Those are just a couple of suggestions.  Having a personal shopper and a house cleaner could help me as well but for now, I’ll settle for these suggestions.  For the full list, check out ABCNews.com.

Make it a healthy day!



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