Over the past three years, I got serious about improving my health.  I lost about 75 pounds, and have kept them off over the last two years.  I have, however, noticed one change. 

Where I used to be warm all the time, I find that I'm almost always a little bit cold. Has this happened to you?  It's very odd.

1 Year Apart on the weight loss journey - Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

When I moved to Boise about four years ago, I was trying to get healthier.  I weighed 250 pounds, and needed to make changes.  Struggles with schedule, irresponsible food choices, a schedule out of control at work, and stresses at home had meant I had ballooned to my heaviest weight ever.  I had been in the doctor's office dealing with a number of issues, and I was committed to reset with the move to Boise.

Over the first year in the Treasure Valley, I had lost about 25 pounds, and was moving towards better health.  Then, I had the chance to work with Dynamic Fat Loss here at the station, and for the first time since high school, dropped under 200 pounds.  That day was huge deal.

I ended up at 185 with that program two years ago, and since, have dropped and maintained a weight between 173-178 pounds.  I am so much a happier with how I look, how I feel, and how much more I can do to keep up with my son (be it playing basketball, tubing, biking, whatever).  Almost everything about it has been positive.

Today - Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media

The exception is that I'm often cold.  I never use to be the person who would be under the blanket while watching TV on the couch.  Now, we keep a few of them around.  I was the person sleeping with my window cracked open, even in the middle of winter.  Now I've got the heat turned up.  I was the guy who never needed a jacket, now I've stocked up on long johns.  The biggest sign to me is that I am GRATEFUL that my car has heated seats, and i use them often.  I had never liked the feeling prior to a couple years ago.

It makes sense, I had 75 pounds of fat surrounding me prior, and my body was working much harder to keep up with things, but at the same time, a couple years in, it seems strange I haven't regulated back out.  I've found a few friends have mentioned the same thing - they seem to have changed their internal temperatures after weight loss.

I've researched it a bit, and it seems people say it does happen, but not many answers are clear if it ever changes or if you ever reset.  I'm hoping it does in some way.  I'm not a fan of being cold, though I guess it's better to be cold and have ways to warm up, than too warm and no way to cool down.  It's just been a strange thing to get used to.