We've probably all had it happen now or then.  You plan to take something to work, school, whatever, and leave it at home.  After days of this happening I had to find a better system.

This might be kind of sad, but lately, after forgetting to take my ear buds, or a charge cable, or an envelope I wanted to mail, or even a package I need to mail time after time, Ir realized I needed a better system.

Sadly, I've resorted to making a pile of things that need to go with me at the laundry room door.

This way, I have to actively step over it as I head out the garage.  So far, the system seems to be working.  I've remembered to grab mail I needed to run to the post office, and today, I had cables that needed to go back out to the car.

The one flaw, or maybe "still needing further development" portion of my plan is that I've still managed to leave my lunch and snacks behind.  They are in the fridge, and though it's only a couple steps away, I still haven't quite figured out how to ensure I don't leave them behind.

Maybe I just need to invest in a mini-fridge I could place right in the middle of the doorway?  This needs more thought.

Curious about your life hacks and workarounds you've employed to help things out too.

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