I have serious issues with the, for lack of better word, idiot who wrote this article.  Basically it says "dogs don't remember what happened yesterday and don't plan for tomorrow."  What a crock of (bleep).

Why does a dog remember a soldier who returns from war?  Why does a dog remember events that have shaped their lives?  We have a poodle that is deathly afraid of anything that resembles a sharp stick.  She was caged when she was a puppy and when she made any noise the old guy would poke her with a sharpened stick.   I broke the stick in two and threw it away when we got her. Never again would she have to live in terror.


Sometimes I think shrinks like the one who did the article leave reality out of the equation and keep their heads in their shrink book.  Because of him, science will say dogs don't remember.  Actually, you have to live in their world for a few minutes to understand.  In his case, I don't think he has the ability to live in a dog's world, it would take letting go of what he understands and learning something totally new.

If dogs don't remember, they why is it when I tell Boomer to "guard my plate" he will?  He did it last night, one of the other poodles got too close to my plate by accident and he let them know to take a hike.  All I do is say "Boomer, guard my plate" and I can leave the room and come back without it ever being touched by dog or human.

I could go on with story after story, but how about you tell us your story of what your dog has remembered.

Kevin Mee

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