Did you have the impulse to run "the Toughest Race in the Northwest?" The frenzy to get into the Race to Robie Creek wasn't as insane as years past, so if you wanted to, chances are that you got "in." Now what?

In 2017, the race sold out in just over 12 minutes. With the addition of 240 entries in 2018, runners were able to get themselves a spot in the Treasure Valley's most popular half marathon for a full half hour.  According to the Idaho Statesman, the initial waiting list consists of about 100 additional hopefuls.

But look at you...you got in! Congratulations! If you're a Race to Robie Creek virgin like our friends Karin, Barb and Vanesa you might be wondering "so now what?" What you're feeling is natural. It's exactly how I felt and stared at my "registration complete" screen when I got into the race for the first time last year.  That's why I huddled up with some Robie veterans to let you know what to expect on your journey to the summit!

Check out their sage advice and pick the bits and pieces that are right for you!

  • Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

    Michelle Heart

    Team Run Boise

    I'm still very new when it comes to the Race to Robie Creek, running it for the first time in 2017. My advice? If you're scared of the race, don't train on the course. It seems counter-intuitive, but if you have a bad training run on the course, its going to stick in your head on race day.  You don't need that negativity!  I did all of my hill training on 8th Street.  I'd do about a mile warm-up before running up the hill for a set amount of minutes.  I started small (10 minutes) and increased each week.

    Also, wear sunscreen.  I teased my teammates on race day when they were lathering it on at the start line because it wasn't a particularly hot day.  They got the last laugh, because I looked like a tomato the day after the race! Oh...and be prepared to kiss your toenails goodbye after the downhill!

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Kira Hein

    Team Run Boise

    After running it for the first time last year...just have fun. Its not a PR (personal record) run, take in the fun and excitement. And stay til the end! Eat drink and be merry!

  • Shauna Fox

    Train, train and train some more. And just when you think you've trained enough, get out there again. Train on the actual race course itself, make it all the way to summit at least once on a training run.

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Chad Rohr

    Team Run Boise/Mission 43

    Start training now and have a group with you for accountability and motivation. Slowly add hills and distance. Start hydrating the week before the race. There is a good chance for warm weather during the race (starts at high noon) train in heat. Enjoy the atmosphere, there isn’t anything like it. This year will be my 4th. Maybe I should get it tattooed on my body.

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Jennifer Andersen

    Team Run Boise

    When I ran it last year I had been running flat roads so I had endurance for that but I did not have any hill training so that was hard. This year I am working on hill repeats, trail runs and track work with my awesome trainers Kimberly and Ryan. And strength training two times a week. I feel stronger already!

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Chris Broders

    Team Run Boise

    Enjoy the race! You get the chance to run a beautiful course, so take advantage of it. Relax, it’s a half marathon up hill. Hill training is key, make sure you have at least one day a week of pure hills in your training. Have a day of speed work also. I personal like to have a mix of flats & hills in my daily runs to help with endurance as a whole. But anybody that knows me, knows what I feel is the key to running: Have Fun!! If it’s not fun than you’re doing it wrong.

  • Lisa Donnellon

    Team Run Boise

    I say have fun! Don’t take it to seriously! It is such an awesome experience! Also running with someone else helps, Kira and I had a blast last year! Training on the hills helps for sure but you can always jog or walk up those if it’s too difficult to run them.

  • Martha Spiva

    Prepare for all different kinds of weather. It's not like any typical half marathon. When I ran it, it was 92 or 94 degrees out and people went out there with no heat training and no electrolytes and they were being taken to the hospital. Prepare.. be self sufficient and don't be afraid to take help when it is offered by other runners. And listen to your body... know the signs of dehydration.

  • Debbie Dale

    Boise Galloway

    Train on the course! It's tougher than anything I've ever done.

  • Brandon Frank

    Fleet Feet Meridian Owner

    I ran it for the first time in 2016 and enjoyed it. My advice...train for the ups by running lots of hills.

  • Sarah Field

    Train on an incline!!!! A steep steep incline, then it's all downhill!

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Kathy Parks

    Team Run Boise

    Have friends at aid stations to give you a moral boost along the way.

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Jonathan Wright

    Team Run Boise

    I'm a four year finisher. Be prepared for a STEEP downhill after the summit.

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    DonDena Anderson

    Team Run Boise

    Just have fun! Rocktape (athletic tape for injured body parts) and body Glide will become your new best friends!

  • Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

    I'm a four time Robie finisher. Wisdom...prepare for the unknown. Don’t underestimate people because you think they are older than you or don’t seem to have practiced. They will beat you. When someone passes you, don’t expect to pass them, too. Drink water, pray and move.

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Lyn Schuster

    Team Run Boise

    I'm a three time Robie finisher. Hydrate. Downhill can be brutal.

  • Image via Final Kick Events

    Kimberly Simmons

    Team Run Boise

    Take walk breaks, especially on the Hill when your running isn’t any faster than a walk anyways. Also, walk backwards for 10-20 yards at a time if your legs are tired. Put some other muscles to work. I've ran it twice!

  • Michael Cummings

    I'm a seven time Robie finisher. Don’t stop at temptation ridge. Train like a mother. Drink beer after wards! Good luck. Train on little Robie.