Check out photos of this tiny house on wheels built by a company right here in Boise... So cool!

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Thanks to the Exploring Tiny House YouTube page for the share! There's a company here in the Treasure Valley, Boise to be specific, called "Mouse House Tiny Homes" and they built this really cool, really tiny, home on wheels! According to Exploring Tiny House's YouTube Page, "This 176-square feet tiny house has tons of windows and lets in a vast amount of natural light, and despite this, this tiny is built to withstand the freezing winters with R21 rigid insulation and a 12,000 BTU Dickenson propane heater. This tiny house features an open living room space on the main floor with a large L-shaped kitchen and a bathroom. In addition, the home has two lofts, one main bedroom loft and a second sleeping loft that doubles as extra storage space."

So what does a tiny house on wheels like this run you? Well, you're looking at about $68,000, which may seem like a lot, but think about what your house is worth! Think about what a comparable RV or fifth wheel would cost and those aren't even custom like this, no less this cool looking! This one in particular, is the "huckleberry" tiny house... on wheels! It's just so IDAHO, right?! Check out some photos below and after the pictures, there's a cool video compilation as well. Enjoy, and maybe you'll be inspired to build or by your very one tiny house... on wheels!

Huckleberry Tiny House On Wheels

Check out photos of this tiny house on wheels built by a company right here in Boise... So cool!

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