Summer is here which means it's time to get outside to enjoy all the Treasure Valley has to offer.  It also means your energy costs can get a little crazy.  Want to know how to save?

We looked at a number of different sources and advice from energy experts and here are the top tips for savings this summer.

1.  The ideal temperature for most of us to set our air conditioning to is 74 degrees.  This is a good "compromise" between cost savings and comfort.  If you can go higher that that on the temperature, your savings will increase.  Turning the a/c off or raising the temp can help too while no one is in the house, but too drastic a shift can cause the savings to disappear if the unit has to work too hard to cool the house back down when you're home.

2.  Cooking with the stove or oven inside warms the house and can add to the cost of cooling.  Doing as much cooking on the grill outside will help save money.

3.  Shutting blinds and covering windows during the day can help keep heat out and assist in keeping things cooler.

4.  Make sure refrigerator and freezer doors close completely.

Most of these are self-explanatory, but the 74 degree sweet spot was helpful to know where to start.