Gas prices have been relatively low all summer, but Idaho is still paying higher prices than several states. Relief is on the way, and it could come before Halloween. has the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in Boise at $2.50, and the lowest they found was $2.35. Prices dropped one or two cents per gallon over the Labor Day holiday, and now that the peak summer driving season is over, prices are expected to edge down a lot more.

The latest predictions say we could lose another 10 to 25 cents off the top, making prices in some Boise spots around $2.10 or lower.

TIME Money says the only thing that could potentially get in the way of a really cheap road trip this fall, is a hurricane in the Gulf that would knock refineries out of business.  Let's hope that doesn't happen, for a lot of reasons.

Have you noticed how many things get cheaper when gas prices are low?  In theory anyway.  Airline tickets aren't sky high, it doesn't cost as much to mow the grass, and football teams save money going to away games.  And if you're planning a fall road trip, the most expensive part of it might be the snacks.

Your monthly budget is about to have a little surplus.

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