Parents, now that we're a few weeks into having the kids home from school, do you feel like you're getting into some sort of routine with them?

Hopefully, you've worked out a system that balances your ability to check items off your "work from home" to-do list with spending quality time with your minis. You may be rocking your family's "new normal," but be're ready for some adult conversation with someone other than your significant other, right?

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Enter the new online version of "Cards Against Humanity!" Thanks to a website called "Playing," you can now play the adult party game for horrible people with your friends while keeping more than a safe social distance from them.  The virtual tabletop platform allows you to invite up to 6 people to your party room where you deal out the cards just like you would if you were playing in person.

The platform doesn't enforce rules of the game or allow you to type in the names of players 1-6, so they recommend you connect to some sort of voice chat with the friends you're playing with.

Our merry group of misfits is going to give it a shot on Friday night. Our plan is to use a video call through Facebook Messenger to connect everyone and have some grown-up fun!

We hope that this is a little bit of a cabin fever reliever for those of you desperate for a connection with other adults after watching hours upon hours of Paw Patrol over the past few weeks!

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