Want that Pokemon gear you've had your eye on at Hastings?  Now would be the time to gobble it up!

According to the Idaho Press Tribune, after filing for bankruptcy Hastings will start liquidating it's merchandise and close all of it's stores, e-commerce and corporate office when he process is complete.

Hastings was looking for a buyer for it's stores, but instead found one that will help handle the liquidation of what's left of Hastings' merchandise. According to several reports, that liquidation process should be over by October 31st.

The remaining Hastings stores discontinued honoring refunds, gift cards, credits on accounts and exchanges earlier this month. Hastings is directing those wishing to file a claim related to these changes to this LINK.

Hastings currently has stores on Boise Ave, Fairview and Overland in Boise, North Lakes Ave in Meridian and Caldwell Blvd in Nampa.