Why this is so fascinating to me, I have yet to figure out. I guess it's just that most of us go to work every day, drink the bitter coffee for a late-morning pick-me-up and then scrounge for change in the bottom of our purse to get something out of the vending machine. The thought of a company providing gourmet meals to their employees sounds pretty awesome! 


Google has an employee cafeteria. They want to make sure the employees are well fed and have nourishment to continue through their day. Looking at the success of Google, I'd say that we all should have cafeterias in our offices.


This is just my way of getting free lunch. Let's be honest.


At the Google cafeteria, millions of dollars are spent on chicken alone. Chicken! Here's the full story.


If your company owner were to ask you the one thing that's most important to put in a cafeteria at your work, what would it be? Join us on Facebook for the conversation!


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