Be honest, how many times a week do you type into google, "how do you spell... ?" Words can be hard sometimes - even for someone like me who does this for a living! Spelling is not everyone's strong suit.

Google Trends shared on Twitter its Spelling Bee Trends map showing what words each state searches the most how to spell. The words ranged from 4 letter words to 11+ words. In general, I never thought some of these words would give people so many difficulties but nonetheless, the Google trends don't lie.

The word "beautiful" seems to be giving the most states the most trouble including California, Oregon, Illinois, and New York. "Friend" also seems to trip a handful of states up; it must be that i before e thing. Now other words like "miscellaneous" searched most by Nebraska, "aesthetic" in New Hampshire, and "bougie" in Connecticut, are actually words that I would agree with being sort of difficult to spell.

Here in Idaho though, I would like to know what kind of beef we've got goin' on. Idahoans are googling how to spell the word "nemesis" the most. Yes, nemesis - also known as a "long-standing rival or an archenemy." Why are we needing to use the word "nemesis" so much in the first place?! It must be for when we're trying to talk about all of those Californians moving here ;)

However, I am most concerned with what the folks in Colorado are going struggling with. The most commonly google-searched spelling word there is... COLORADO!

attachment-spelling bee trends-page-001

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