Hate going to the grocery store? Me too! Now Google will bring your groceries to your door!

Now, I'll admit that part of the reason I hate going to the grocery is because I still get anxiety from the times I'd get separated from my mom in the grocery store when I was a kiddo.  (You know how your parents will ask you to go the aisle over to grab something and when you walk back to where they were, they're no where to be seen? I feel like that happened to me A LOT as a child.)  I also hate lines and not being able to find what I need. Life is so much easier when your groceries just come to you!

According to the Idaho Statesman, there's a new service that just launched in the Treasure Valley called Google Express and it will bring your groceries within two days of your order.  The app based delivery service delivers food from Costco, Whole Foods, Sur La Table and 11 other major grocery stores and retailers.

If you want to try the service, the annual membership fee is $95 or you can chose to pay a $4.99 fee per order.

Google Express now joins Albertsons as one of two grocery delivery services in the Treasure Valley.  Walmart and Fred Meyer offer similar services, but will only prepare your orders for curbside pick-up.