Well, that's the way you do it. The battle continues between parents and teachers regarding vaccinations. Should you wear a mask or not? Are you vaccinated?

St. Luke's Hospital is on the front lines and has teamed up with Zoo Boise to assist for free. Get a vaccination on Saturday and receive free admission, simple.

Receive Free Vaccination at Zoo Boise - Get In Free

It feels like a rush to the finish on booster shots for COVID-19, mask mandates, and beating preparing for this new Delta variant. Idaho is one of the least vaccinated states and St. Luke's is running out of space for patients. This isn't just happening in Idaho but across the country. The race for vaccinations seems very real as if a big surge is happening.

Regardless, people that have the vaccination already can carry this to children. This entire thing is getting crazier by the moment and the goal is to vaccinate everyone. St. Luke's will have a mobile vaccination clinic at Zoo Boise on Saturday for free vaccinations. You don't need an appointment. Just show up and receive a vaccination.

We're pleased to partner with St. Luke's and offer free admission to Zoo Boise for anyone who chooses to get vaccinated this Saturday. That comes from Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway.

What About Idahoans Already Vaccinated?

You will need to pay for admission if you've already been vaccinated. This is for people getting vaccinations on-site for Saturday. You can still accompany a friend or family member.

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