Rumors of Garth Brooks visiting the Treasure Valley had been rumbling for years. When the country music legend finally made it official, people scrambled to get tickets.

Brooks initially announced a single performance scheduled for Saturday, July 20. The concert announcement itself made history as it would become the first major concert to be held on The Blue at Albertsons Stadium. Close to 40,000 tickets sold out in just 57 minutes.

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After seeing how many fans were heartbroken that they weren't able to get tickets to the record setting concert, Brooks added a second show on Friday, July 19. Fans who ended up at Friday night's show got a special treat that Saturday concert goers didn't. Brooks invited fellow Oklahoma native, Blake Shelton, to the concert to perform their hit "Dive Bar." The performance was recorded for a future live music video of the song.

Were you there to be part of the music video? If you were, it's time for you to look for yourself! Garth Brooks finally unveiled the finish product via his Facebook page this morning. Check it out and tell us if you can spot yourself in the crowd!

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