You truly hate to see it.

The River Bend Golf Course in Wilder was vandalized over the weekend. Someone took their four-wheeler out for a joy ride on hole #11 causing damage to the greens. Considering how much hard work golf course maintenance staff put into keeping these greens in tip-top shape, it really is a shame for someone to do this.

The golf course posted these pictures on their Facebook page (see below) and is asking for the public's help identifying the culprit responsible for committing this act of vandalism which reportedly took place on Saturday night.

Officials shared with KTVB that maintenance crews have been working hard to patch and repair the grass that's been damaged. It also doesn't help that colder weather is setting in since grass tends to grow back slower in the winter months.

Surely someone has some type of information. River Bend Golf Course is offering a 2022 season golf pass to anyone that can provide helpful tips that lead to the arrest and conviction of whoever did this,

Unfortunately, this happens to golf courses all over quite often. It's been reported by other golf courses who have fallen victim to the senseless act of vandalism that damages can cost up to thousands of dollars. Although it hasn't been confirmed, someone else reported in the comment section a similar situation happening at another golf course in Star, Idaho. Perhaps the same culprit?

Credit River Bend Golf Course via Facebook
Credit River Bend Golf Course via Facebook

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