When former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate showed up at a rally supporting the Boise State wrestling team last year, everyone wondered why. Now we know.

Last April, Boise State University made the decision to end the school's wrestling program in favor of creating the school's first baseball team.  After the announcement, hundreds of supporters rallied together on campus hoping save the team. Those supporters got a huge surprise when Miesha Tate showed up and went Facebook Live from the gathering.  At the time it wasn't really clear why she was there.  She obviously didn't wrestle for the Broncos or any other college team, but explained that she loved the sport and said it was sad to see universities cutting the sport from their offerings. Her heart went out to the athletes who'd signed letters of intent and now don't have anywhere else to go to continue the sport.

Flash forward to New Year's Day 2018 and it's now pretty obvious why she was in Boise for that rally. Tate's kept a lot of her private life off of social media, but fans have been speculating for months that she was in a relationship with former Boise State wrestling star, Johnny Nunez. She confirmed their relationship for the first time in an Instagram post announcing that she and the former Bronco are expecting a baby girl together!

After his time with the Broncos was complete, Nunez moved on to MMA fighting. He appeared on The Ultimate Fighter 25: Redemption. Nunez graduated from Mountain Home Senior High School

Tate retired from the UFC in November 2016, after losing her belt to Amanda Nunes during the first round of UFC 200.

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