The Aluminum Overcast B-17 Bomber is at the Nampa airport right now flying passengers over Boise.


If you know anything about military airplanes you know that this is one of the all time best ever made.  It has four engines and it's a heavy bomber that was used in WWII to mostly fly over Europe.


The Aluminum Overcast tours the United States an it just touched down in Nampa.  Ready for anyone that wants to take flight and go for the ride of a lifetime.  It'll take 10 passengers at a time through Monday (yay, we have an extra day this weekend).


How cool would it be to take off in 1 of only 11 bombers left that are still flying.  Reflecting a bit on all those that sacrificed so much during WWII this Memorial Day weekend... I can't think of a better way to spend it.


Each flight is 30 minutes and you'll get to see the Veteran's Cemetery and downtown Boise.  Flights cost $435 a person.  Yeah, it's not cheap but most once in a lifetime opportunities aren't .  You can sign up at the Nampa airport.

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