Did You See Something in the Sky?
With our amazing weather this weekend, many of us were outside working in our yards or enjoying our favorite parts of the Valley. Did you happen to look up and this plane flying around?
The Kindness of a Stranger
I have a friend who has been considering moving to the Treasure Valley and recently asked me what we're all about. This weekend, my son and I experienced "Boise kindness" again.
Zombies on a Plane
Over the weekend on a Lisbon to Dublin flight, a crazed man went off, attacked people, bit one person and then died.
After Your First Balloon Flight There Is a Ceremony
After your first balloon flight there is a initiation ceremony.  It goes back to the very first flight and goes like this.
You kneel before your pilot (thank goodness it wasn't ISIS), a bottle of champagne awaits. Your pilot will say you have a choice to either drink or wear your champagne,…

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