Over the weekend on a Lisbon to Dublin flight, a crazed man went off, attacked people, bit one person and then died.

No kidding, this is the stuff science fiction is made of and all too often comes true.

Now news story aside, is it just me or is this pretty well how every zombie story has started.

Why would a guy go nuts, bite someone and then croak.  It doesn't make sense, of course neither do zombies. I mean ZOMBIES, really, you walk around moaning, not really thinking for yourself, looking for people to eat and the only way you can really die is trauma to the head. You gotta wonder how much George Romero has made over the years.

Never the less, it's started.  Was the guy really alive or only appearing to be alive long enough to attack someone?  They don't check your heartbeat when you go through airport security, so you could be a zombie and get on a flight.  Think about it, which one is scarier "Snakes on a Plane" or "Zombies on a Plane."  I'm going with both.

Just thought I would let you all know what's happening so you can be prepped.  I'm gonna stock up on some more cheap ammo, bats, arrows, a couple of crossbows and make sure the scopes on the rifles are set for at least 500 yards.

If you want to stock up on non-perishable food, M and W markets has Progresso Soup for 75 cents a can.

Now good luck on your next flight.

Kevin Mee

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