A wildfire in Bruneau has grown to over 42,000 acres and counting. Mother Nature is giving the flames a push with the wind causing it to grow at an "alarming rate". It's not the only fire burning right now.


The cause of the fire is still unknown as nine engines, two dozers, two water tenders and overhead spotters try to extinguish the flames. Aircraft assistance was also requested.


The thought of this much of our state is being burned right this moment makes me sick to my stomach. I'm trying really hard not to jump to conclusions as to what ignited the fire.


This morning, the fire hadn't been contained at all.



If you had plans to go or are on your way to the Bruneau Sand Dunes, turn back around and head home. According to a dispatcher for the Owyhee County Sheriff's Office, the camping area around the dunes has been evacuated and the Bruneau Dunes State Park is closed indefinitely.


To follow the progress, check #loveridgefire on Twitter.


With temperatures being in the triple digits and the forecast showing high winds, the likelihood of the fire spreading is pretty good.


Dear fire crews (on land, in air and those who help map out a plan): We are so grateful for what you do. Not only are you putting your lives on the line but you're doing it in sweltering heat. We can't even begin to imagine what it's like in your boots. I know it's your job but it's so much more than that. Your sacrifices aren't unnoticed. Thank you so much for doing what you do.


To the families of fire crew members: We see you. We know you're there. The amount of worry and stress you must face each and every day must be immeasurable. We will do whatever we can to help protect your loved ones. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making both in and out of the home. When fires like this are burning, we know you pick up a lot of slack to make sure life continues to move forward.


There is a second fire burning called the Antelope Fire. Containment is expected by Tuesday night. The cause of that fire is also unknown


500 acres overnight, but is not currently threatening homes or buildings. The Antelope Fire is expected to be contained by 8 p.m. and extinguished by Tuesday.


Follow updates via KTVB and BLM Idaho Fire.


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