If you've felt like rents in Boise and the Treasure Valley have been going up, you're not wrong.  In fact, ApartmentList.com reported that prices are up 3 percent from last year.

KBOI 2 TV covered the report that shows the average price for a one bedroom apartment in the Boise area rents for an average of $740/month.  If you need more space, you can expect a two-bedroom to run around $860/month.

While these figures are up from last year, comparing with some of our neighboring states is a good reminder of how much better our prices are.

In Seattle, the average one-bedroom apartment cost is $1650/month and jumps to $2200/month for a two-bedroom.  That's nothing compared to what people are paying in San Francisco where the average one-bedroom is $3420/month and the two-bedroom is equal to a larger mortgage here at $4610/month.

More on this story can be found at KBOI2. com.

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