If you're dining on a dime, ballin' on a budget, or you're short on the time it takes to meal prep, yours is the song of my people. As important as healthy living is to me, fast food's become my ride or die in life and in the drive-thru lane a few times a week.

And I own it, Boise.

Between the wifey life, raising littles, working full-time (and more, really), prioritizing time with our Idaho framily, and my nightly dance at the feather ball—I'm exhausted, friends. Infinite as my blessings are, and as sure as I'm grateful for 'em, something has to give from time to time. I've accepted that something tends to be food.

Rather than waste produce and perishables I'm not home enough to eat, I have healthier dining out down to a science. With the slightest bit of effort, so can you.

Before finding Fast Food Nutrition, an organization with a hankering to educate those of us who fancy food-made-fast, hunting down a restaurant's nutrition guide was a time suck. Thanks to the convenient index built by FFN's founder Alex Lenoff, I have greater agency in dining out than ever before. I can find something that fits my macros just about anywhere!

Now an Associate Member of the American College of Nutrition, Lenoff launched FFN in 2005 back when he was a college kid surviving on quick cuisine. Frequently frustrated by the inability to find nutritional info on his budget-friendly fuel, Lenoff took action. His database boasts more than 22,000 menu items from 90 major fast food eateries!

Today FFN leads the nation in its consumer education efforts.

Treasure Valley teachers, there's a seat at FFN's dinner table just for you! Helping teachers help their students ascertain the significance of metabolic management and balanced nutrition is a top priority for FFN's team. Likewise, so is providing students a platform to apply that knowledge. Resources available to educators include micro lesson plans for middle and high school students, and a nifty Fast Food Meal Calculator.

Are you someone who considers fast food dining an offense punishable by hours of cardio or an additional two-a-day? Check out a few of our favorite Boise eateries with options that don't blow my fitness goals.

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