Scroll through your Facebook newsfeed today and some of the heroic stories you'll see coming out of the tragedy in Las Vegas star everyday heroes like firemen, police officers and paramedics.  If you share that profession in the Treasure Valley, The Farmstead wants to honor you this weekend!

Saturday, October 7th is "Hometown Heroes Day" at The Farmstead.  To thank the firemen, police officers, paramedics and active/retired military for putting their lives on the line everyday to serve our community and country, they're giving away free tickets! They'll have 1,000 FREE admission tickets available to those who work in those career fields who have their work ID on them.  Each hometown hero may receive up to four free admission tickets while supplies last.

I think this is such a great way to pay it forward to these heroes! Last year, I had a vasovagal syncope during a run and passed out on a curb less than half a mile from my apartment.  Some good samaritans saw what happened and called 911.  By the time I was coming to, I could already hear the ambulance sirens on their way.  I've always been amazed by how quickly the Ada County Paramedics get to emergencies (there's some stellar statistic out how fast their response time time is, but it escapes me at this second) and that day I was so lucky to be on the receiving end of that hustle.  They checked me out, cleaned me up and stayed with me until I was 100% sure that I wanted to go home instead of to the hospital.  To this day, I can't thank them enough, so I'm glad that a local business is willing to recognize these local heroes!

If you know a "Hometown Hero" you can click HERE for details on how to grab their free tickets.

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