If there's one thing that we know for sure, it's that Boise loves some live music. During the summer months, there is no denying that the Treasure Valley is concert heaven. When the weather is nice, we have the luxury of using some popular and amazing outdoor venues such as the Ford Idaho Center's Amphitheater and even 'Outlaw Field' at the beautiful botanical gardens.

Just because the weather is cooling off doesn't mean concerts aren't still going on in town--they're just moving to the indoors.

One peculiar rapper with a very random 'tie' to Idaho is about to preform here--and we should probably review the facts.

Perhaps you know him "because he got high" or forgetting to clean his room. The guy even wrote a song all about his alleged adventures in Idaho...

The 20 Cities Afroman Claims to Have Visited in Idaho

As the rapper once sang himself, "potatoes aren't the only things that they grow" in reference to our beloved State of Idaho. Now that he has scheduled a date to preform here in Star, Idaho-- we though we would break down his song dedicated to Idahoans, creatively titled "Idaho"--and the 20 cities that allegedly, he visited along the way.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Now, the throwback rapper is going to be in Boise!

We're a little surprised to hear he'll be preforming at a "country bar"--but Afroman will be in town nonetheless and if there's one place that gets a reaction out of his song, "Idaho", it will be here.

Tonight, Tuesday October 3rd, at 7:30, music lovers, hip hop heads, and Idaho fanatics alike can catch Afroman at The Buffalo Club on Fairview Avenue. Tickets are reasonably priced at $25 online or $30 at the door and the event page promises an "electrifying" performance.

Of course, Afroman isn't the only show gearing up to hit the Treasure Valley this year.. 

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