If you just happened to be around Expo Idaho on Saturday, take a minute to stop in because you could recognize (and meet) a famous face coming to town for just one day. 

How many times have you heard people say, "I got it at a garage sale" when they're talking about something that has a super-high value and are now getting a ton of money for it. Who do they even take their garage sale finds to find out that they can quit their jobs and pay for their kids' college and their kids' kids college?

Barry Weiss.

You can't help but get into Storage Wars because Barry (and the others) literally take everything out of a storage area before they even see what's inside.

Doesn't this seem like something that would be kind of REALLY perfect for Idaho's Largest Garage Sale? That's why we asked him!

Look through items that seem old. Are they vintage? Antiques? Is there a set of tea cups that look like your great grandmother's old collection that nobody in the family would take? Grab those because they could be what drives you around Boise in a Tesla. Or whatever you choose to purchase with your new fortune.

Look for this face...

Barry Weiss 1

A&E Storage Wars' Barry Weiss will be at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale this Saturday, May 20th. You'll recognize a face or two.

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