Did Idaho farmers force six Mexican veterinarians to milk cows and do other activities on their farms or face deportation? The claims are part of a lawsuit that a three-judge panel has heard in US District Court, report Reuters.  

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A federal judge dismissed the case against Funk Dairy. The panel of three judges found that decision to be mistaken. The Mexican veterinarians say they were told to milk cows and other physical jobs around the dairy. If they failed to comply or obey the orders, they were faced with threats of being sent home to Mexico via deportation.  

The plaintiffs say there were lured to the dairy to ensure milk quality and take care of the animals. However, once they arrived, the bait and switch were allegedly revealed. They were made to do the same tasks as the day laborers—no word on why they didn't leave the dairy.  

The original lawsuit was filed in 2017. The Mexican workers entered Idaho after being recruited in 2014. The lawsuit was dismissed in 2019 before being reversed today. The decision will allow a jury to hear the case and decide if Funk violated the workers' rights.  

We will continue to monitor this case and update you when new development occurs. Immigration and the use of migrant workers continue to be an issue in Idaho and across the country.

Both Republicans and Democrats have pledged to fix our broken immigration system. Under the Biden Administration, the border has become more dangerous with more drugs coming across the border. 

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