It's not uncommon to hear of a police dog helping police officers in the Boise area make an arrest. It wouldn't surprise you to hear of a horse assisting an officer in some way. But probably the most "Idaho" arrest you can imagine was a few days ago, and it wasn't near the Gem State. It happened in Devon and Cornwall, England.

The National Police Air Service released a video on their Twitter account of a man fleeing the local police. He tried to cut through a field of dairy cows, which was his big mistake.

Instead of the cows helping the suspect, they chased him through the field. The man may have feared for his safety during the chase. In this instance, the cows did the herding and sent the suspect into the arms of the police officers waiting for him.

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I would have told you that this was one of those "only in Idaho" types of moments, but the cows in England seem just as adverse to crime as I believe they are in Idaho, although I've never asked any of them for their opinion. I think that they would tell you that they are "udderly" disgusted by criminals.

The Most "Idaho" Arrest Ever Just Happened In England

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