While one might think it would be easier on the crew if all airline passengers laid back and slept through each flight, apparently that's not the case. Or, at least, Delta doesn't think so.

Delta Airlines is adjusting the seats on all of its planes so they don't recline back as far as they used to. Coach seats, which used to lean back four inches, will be reduced to just two inches; and the seats in first-class will change from 5.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

A company rep says the idea is to make flights more comfortable for the people behind each seat, and to make it easier for passengers to view the video screens embedded in the seat backs. Leg room will not be affected, Delta says.

The company believes that the new policy will allow for a more comfortable flight.  Critics continue to take to social media complaining of a lack of 'customer rights' when it comes to just about every commercial airline.  No word from industry officials if other airlines are expected to follow Delta in this move.

Delta is a popular choice when it comes to rating airlines, reports CBSnews.  A recent report cited the airline's improvement in on-time arrivals, mishandled baggage, bumping passengers and consumer complaints.

No word on whether or not the Federal Aviation Administration will examine Delta's new reclining policy.


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