There's no denying it.  Over the years, McDonald's Shamrock Shake has developed a cult following, but this year? Idaho might have a new favorite mint shake! 

Many of us can't remember the time where Shamrock Shakes weren't a St. Patty's season staple at McDonald's but the history behind the shake is pretty shocking! According to DOZ, the first McDonald's Shamrock Shakes debuted in Chicago in the 1970s thanks to a company called Rogers Merchandising.  The company was heavily involved in picking the toys for McDonald's Happy Meals and thought that dying a McDonald's milkshake green would be as great of a tradition as dying the Chicago River green each St. Patrick's Day.  Originally the shake was only available in the Windy City and didn't have the sweet, refreshing mint flavor that we know and love today! The first Shamrock shakes were actually lemon-lime flavored.  It wasn't until 1983 that the mint flavored shake that we know and love today came to be.

This year, it won't be the only green minty shake on the market! According to Simplemost, Dairy Queen lis rolling out their own version of the shake. The hand blended shake whips together the milk, classic DQ soft serve and mint syrup.  It's topped off with a sweet, delicious whipped topping.

The shakes are reportedly available in Dairy Queen locations across the Gem State already. We just survived the drive through a winter storm back from McCall Winter Carnival, so I haven't had the chance to see if it's at the Boise Ave location yet! If you've seen them, let us know where and let us know if it's better, worse or on par with the OG Shamrock Shake!

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