Today was a bittersweet day for me.  This news makes it a little bit better! 

My morning routine is the same every single day. Come into the station, put down my bag and jacket in the studio, grab my Matt Nathanson mug and march straight into the break room to get my coffee. Now, I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a coffee wuss. I like my coffee a delightful shade of light brown and that's why I protect my creamer int the break room fridge like a hawk. When it came time to pour my fountain of creamer into my coffee, I was sad when I realized I just poured out my last ounce of pumpkin spice creamer until it was back in store.

That was just adding injury to insult after I didn't know that my favorite coffee shop was running a $2 drink special on Egg Nog drinks until well after they closed that day. They were trying to run out their supply and succeeded. I missed out on my last Chai Nog of the season.

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Luckily, as one season comes to an end another one is about to begin! McDonald's is getting ready to welcome in St. Patrick's Day season with the return of their famous Shamrock Shake! If you've been craving this minty goodness for months, the USA Today confirmed that the Shamrock Shakes are returning to the McDonald's stores across the country, including here in the Treasure Valley on Wednesday, February 19!

And this year, it's not just a shake! They're also unveiling the new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry that day!

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