For most of us, the convenience of using a drive thru or curbside takeaway has become a welcome offering for fast food, groceries, even electronics.  Now, you can add books to the list.

Boise Public Library has launched a new curbside pick-up option to simplify and speed up the process of picking up books at the library.  You can take advantage of this service at the Main Branch Downtown and Cole & Ustick location.

To use the service, you just pull into the green parking spots near the entrances to the library branches and call the front desk at either location.  For the Main Branch, it's 208-945-6777, and for Cole & Ustick call 208-972-8300.  A Library staff memeber will bring the books out to you.  You must provide photo ID or a library card to pick up your books.

The program started earlier this month and library officials say it's designed to make things easier for those who struggle to find parking, have mobility challenges, or parents with young kids who might struggle to get into the library itself.

You can find more about this program from the Idaho Statesman.


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