We've been sharing the warnings about the unusually high, fast, and cold water flow on the Boise River this year.  Now a new question is arising.  Will float season be cancelled?

This conversation has come up a number of times with friends of mine, wondering how the unusually intense spring will impact our summer recreation.  You've undoubtedly heard about the shore erosion, not to mention the potential for flooding that could yet be seen.

For reference, the river is currently running about 600% faster than officials will allow floating, but they have made it clear that float season isn't something their focused on at this point in time.  The launch area at Barber Park and end area at Ann Morrison Park are both impacted at this point as well.

Safety along the river is always the priority for there to be a float season, and at this point, it's just too early to definitively make a judgement, though officials have said a shortened or cancelled season may well be a reality.

KBOI TV 2 did some digging on this tonight, and you can find their story HERE.


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