The plight of Pam Hemphill, the imprisoned elderly grandmother fighting cancer, continues to gain the attention of national conservatives. Hemphill is serving a sixty-day term in federal prison for filming the events of January 6th in Washington DC. As we've previously reported, her case has already caused one local reporter a rash of negative feedback.  

Last week, several national conservatives rushed to condemn the actions of the federal judge who sentenced Ms. Hemphill. Tucker Carlson of Fox News devoted a segment of his top-rated television show to the hypocrisy of Hemphill's prison sentence.

"Now, at the sentencing, Judge Lamberth admitted he wanted to make an example out of this elderly woman. Why? Because he was frustrated that a defendant in a separate case made statements that were 'embarrassing to me.' That actually happened. And therefore, because he was embarrassed by somebody else, Lamberth decides to take it out on this elderly woman, and that is horrible. That is not justice, it's the opposite."

Tucker then compared Ms. Hemphill's time to others who were caught breaking into congressional offices.  "So here are the new rules: If you are a regime propagandist, you can do whatever you want. You can trespass in the Capitol, you won't be charged by Joe Biden's prosecutor. But if you are an elderly cancer patient who votes the wrong way, you go to prison. Those are two standards, one justice system. That's corruption."

Mr. Carlson is not the only national pundit to call for Ms. Hemphill's release.  Clay Travis and Buck Sexton who host a national talk show called the decision to imprison Ms. Hemphill stupid.

The national hosts gave out Ms. Hemphill's contact information at the prison.


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