Christmas can be the best time of the year, but it can also be the most stressful. The thought of cleaning up after all of your extended family and making sure that everyone is happy can take the joy right out of the season. It may be time to do something different. Instead of hosting the family Christmas, you should escape the stress and head out of town. You can always FaceTime your relatives while you and your immediate family go someplace more fun.

There are hotels all over the world that make Christmas a truly amazing experience on their properties. These hotels go all out to celebrate the season, and these experiences are truly unique. For some, staying at these hotels has become the Christmas tradition.

For this article, we have narrowed down the best Christmas hotels in locations that are drivable within a day. You want to leave early in the morning and arrive in time for dinner. Some are closer than others, but all seven are within a 14-hour drive from Boise.

These seven beautiful hotels offer experiences ranging from Cirque-style shows to giant gingerbread creations. The hotels themselves put on these events. They don't just happen to be in a city where unique Christmas events happen. They provide an excellent backdrop for your Christmas celebration. They will be experiences that you and your family will remember forever. The only problem you'll have is that the rest of your family will want to join you next year. It might be best to keep your holiday adventure a secret.

Seven Hotels Near Boise That Do Christmas Right

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