Roses are red, violets are blue, Chobani's got free yogurt waiting for you!

I have an interesting relationship with yogurt that dates back a zillion years when I was running high school cross country.  My sophomore and junior years were plagued by stress fractures in my feet.  After the third one, my parents and doctors agreed on one thing...I needed more calcium in my diet.  I really didn't like drinking milk unless it involved dipping half a sleeve of Oreos in it, so the doc suggest adding yogurt into my diet.

I REALLY wanted to stop breaking my feet, so I figured I'd try anything once. I went to the grocery store and bought my first yogurt ever.  Ironically, it was a vanilla one that you came with broken up Oreo pieces you could mix in it.  I naively expected it to taste like vanilla pudding...and it didn't. Not even close.  That ruined yogurt for me until I was an adult!

Now I can't get enough of it.  I look forward to it at every one of the local road races that work with Chobani for their post-race finish line parties! Do you love Chobani yogurt too? Well they have a special treat for you!

To celebrate their 10th anniversary the yogurt giant is giving away a FREE yogurt to everyone in the state of Idaho who would like one! You can pick from one of their popular Greek Yogurts, Flip, Drink or Smooth snack when you download and print your coupon out HERE.

Don't have a printer? If you are best friends with Alexa thanks to your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, you're not totally out of luck! She's got a built in command where you can ask her for your free yogurt through your Amazon prime account. You have until March 4 to take advantage of the celebration!

Chobani's been one of Idaho's favorite yogurts for years, especially since they expanded production into Twin Falls.

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