Turn a simple hanger into a clever inexpensive gift!

I usually just toss these out.   But the other day I spotted a picture on Facebook where these skirt/pants clippey hangers had been repurposed as cookbook holders.  I was curious to see if this would really work so I tried it out and was impressed with how efficient and helpful this little hanger could be in the kitchen.  It's a super clever idea and I love how it gets the cookbook up off of the counter (more space - yay!) and makes it easier to read since it's closer to eye level.

With a little hot glue and a few flowers, shells, ribbons, feathers or whatever crafty odds and ends you have stowed away, you could transform one of these hangers into a special gift for your favorite baker!   The best part?  With just a little time, and your imagination, this gift is truly....priceless!

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