I Splurged On Something
I guess this proves that I'm #adulting, but I splurged on something just for me this weekend.  I didn't realize how much I would LOVE my new sheets.
Cheapest Gas in Boise
I filled up my car Sunday and was VERY excited to find $.98 per gallon was what I was paying.  Now granted, I had Fred Meyer Rewards points, but the starting price was great.
I'm Living On The Edge
This was the scene on my dashboard as I drove home last night.  What started with 10 miles until empty moved to this, all because I'm cheap.
Gas Almost $2.00 a Gallon
I spotted 87 Octane, No-Lead gasoline for $2.25 a gallon over the weekend.  At first I thought it was a radio stunt, but then I saw it again at another station.  Granted it was the same owner, but they have many locations across not only the Treasure Valley but the state...