The last thing we want to do is spread germs via something that is supposed to stop the spread of germs, so it's good to know how many times we can use a facemask before we have to toss it or wash it. More than once?

Facemasks were hard to find in March and April, but now it seems like more companies are mass producing them and we have more options that even bring a little personality to our faces.

I noticed this week that Fanatics has facemasks with NFL team logos now, which couldn't have been predicted a year ago but are suddenly a thing.  Could it be a signal that fans will be required to wear masks in stadiums?  Maybe.  But even if I never wear one to a game it might still be fun to support the Seahawks in the chip aisle at the grocery store.

A story posted by the Today show said most of the germs on a facemask will be on the front, so it's important to avoid touching that part of it when you take it off.  And then put the mask in a paper bag or some other "clean receptacle" with good ventilation and let it air out for a day or two.

If you put a disinfectant into the fabric, then next time you wear the mask you'll be breathing in the disinfecting chemicals so that's not the best idea, according to the Today show.  And after you touch the mask, wash your hands of course.  We're well-schooled on that.

Glamour says we should throw the mask into the washing machine after every use on the warm water cycle, and let it air dry.  Suddenly I'm wondering if all those people wearing masks at the grocery store are on the first and freshest use, or, well...not so much.

And general the advice is to keep 3 to 5 masks on hand and rotate 'em.  Maybe three Broncos and two Seahawks?  We might still be needing them in September.

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