Seriously...who does this?!

This morning, I was lucky enough to leave the balloon field at Ann Morrison Park and go on a flight with Greg Rogiers during the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic. We soared over State Street and had a chance to wave to the kiddos in the schoolyard at St. Mary's before landing in the ITD parking lot a little further down the street.  As we were packing up our hot air balloon, I heard someone on the crew mention that someone opened one of the balloon trailers and stole a burner out of it last night.

What I didn't realize was that as of 2:30 this afternoon, the 60 pound hot air balloon burner still hasn't been found.  The burner was stolen from the trailer housing one of the prettiest balloons to take flight at the classic, the Dawn Treader. It belongs to the family that help brings this amazing Treasure Valley tradition together every year, Scott and Laurie Spencer.

In a post on their Facebook page, they shared what the burners look like inside and outside their storage bag in hopes that someone can help track them down and return them to their rightful place. The FBI will be contacted because the burners are protected by the law meant to prevent tampering with aircrafts.

The Spencers just want the burners returned to the trailer and are offering a $500 reward.  No questions asked.

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