Historically rising fuel prices and inflation have eventually led to a downturn in the housing market. Despite the Fed threatening to raise interest rates, the Boise/Idaho housing market continues to lead the nation in price growth and demand.  

Realty Biz News reports on four factors that continue to fuel the unprecedented housing boom in our area. Conventional wisdom would dictate that rising interest rates would put a damper on our hot housing market. Fortunately for home sellers, many buyers are moving to Idaho with cash in hand.  

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The secret about our lifestyle is well documented causing more folks to move here. According to United Van Lines, Boise is in the top ten relocation destinations. The massively accelerated home-building spree has allowed new home buyers slight ease in available inventory. Other parts of the country continue to see inventory levels shrink. As we have all witnessed, the home building could be considered a full-speed contact sport in Idaho.  

KTVB reports that the median home price in Ada County was 549,900 for February. Ada County home values grew over twenty percent from a year ago. Rents continue to be raised by property owners who want to cash in on the popularity of our region. Several folks have contacted us and other media outlets complaining that their rent is now unaffordable.  

Fortune Magazine says that Boise is still the most overvalued home market in America. Las Vegas has moved closer to Idaho's capital city, but Boise is number one, followed by Austin, Texas. Most real estate experts predict that the Boise/Idaho market will continue to be one of the most attractive and expensive places to live.  

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