The Boise Housing market has been so well covered by the local and national press that it rivals the topics of sports and national politics. Idahoans have seen the rise of equity millionaires as home prices outpaced the stock market in growth. Buyers had the privilege of multiple offers and multiple bidding wars. As we've shared with you before, those days are over.

Prices are falling throughout the Treasure Valley due to higher interest rates and more homes being on the market. The Boise market has now become a buyer's market. As you can see from the Tweet above, the nation continues to be fixated on our housing market.

Is it time to buy in Boise?

Real estate experts are now having to market their homes on the market as opposed to non marketing due to demands.  It depends on your situation says Greg Ferrera from Real Estate Rescue Idaho. He tells us fifty percent of the existing homes in the market our not occupied.  The last time that happened was 2007 and 2008.  Mr. Ferrera does reveal that sellers are desperate to find a buyer for their homes.

How To Sell Your Home in Boise

Buyers are looking for not only the best deals but a ready to move in home.  Sellers are not willing to foot the bill for improvements before moving into their new home. Homes should be clean and appliances should be upgraded if possible.

Boise's 5 Largest Homes for Sale Are Positively Incredible

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